Modern Living Room

Furniture Ref.: LR_Cont001_1 Guide price: from £2000 to £7000 (depending on items selection) A modern and functional living room, with a colourful twist. The green and grey palette scheme combined with brushed gold details creates a restful lounge atmosphere in your home. Several soft light sources will add a feeling of luxury and sophistication. A variety of soft textures and natural materials will relax and recharge you after a hectic day. Style Ref.*: WPL_S001 Guide price: from £200 per sq.m. (finish materials only: polished plaster and natural wood) to £450 per sq.m. (incl. labour). This choice of surface materials will create a bespoke environment in your home. Polished plaster wall surfacing has a slight texture and sheen that playfully reflects light with a stunning effect. This effect is amplified in the evenings. Grey tones, contemporary materials and dark natural wood flooring are perfect for this furniture selection and will give your home a luxury feel. * Style Ref. - a selection of surface materials (flooring, wall materials) to complement this furniture style. Learn more in project: LR_Cont001_1 - Luxury Living Room in Deep Green

Luxury Living Room (LR_Cont001_1 & WPL_S001)